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Stare Down! Behind the scences...?

2009-02-27 21:07:35 by Memorise

..I don't know what to theses..

I'm trying to make a skit on the staring..

Staring? Well if you look at Japanese film or Anime you know will know that im talking about. All of them have ether wasted time staring at each other or a lovey dovey bit not doing anything for way too long..(would like to make a skit on that too..)

So need help if you can lend one..I do have a protype of animation...but its need more work..will post it out you what i have...


Stare Down! Behind the scences...?


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2009-02-27 21:56:39

If you need ideas, look to these anime's as inspiration of what to do your parody on... kusho acher_Onizuka all_Z ing

Memorise responds:

Thanks! I really appropriate the help! : )